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40 Benefits of Spinach for Health and Daily Life

Vegetables are indeed required to be consumed by everyone to meet the nutritional needs of "4 healthy 5 perfect". Types of green vegetables or leaves are very good for maintaining nutrients in the body. One typed of green vegetables that are often processed and made into vegetables is spinach. Spinach comes from tropical America, with the Latin name Amaranthus l. Spinach contains iron which is very important and good for the body. In addition, Spinach also has ingredients and other substances or nutrients that are important for the body.

 Spinach Nutrition
Each type of vegetable has good nutrition in it, so it is very good for consumption and can be used to maintain health. Likewise with spinach, in 100 grams of spinach, there are various nutrients in it, including :
  • 2.3 grams of protein
  • 3.2 grams of carbohydrates
  • 3 grams of iron
  • 81 grams of calcium

Some of these nutrients are very good for being absorbed by the body. Spinach also contains vitamin A, vitamin C , vitamin K and minerals, such as niacin, thiamin, phosphorus, ribloflavin, sodium, potassium, flavonoids and magnesium. Another content found in spinach is carotenoids.

40 Benefits of Spinach for Health and Daily Life

1. Spinach Can Fight Cancer

Cancer is caused by the development of cancer cells that propagate to the body's tissues. While spinach contains flavonoids that have anti-cancer properties in it. The content of flavonoids in spinach can reduce the risk of cancer and prevent the development of cancer cells throughout the body. Flavonoids in spinach can reduce the risk of cancer by 34%. By consuming spinach, several types of cancer such as prostate cancer, skin cancer, breast cancer, uterine cancer and several other types of cancer, will not be able to divide cancer cells in the body, so it cannot develop into a type of cancer that can eat away the human body.

2. Spinach Can Maintain Eye Health

Spinach has a carotenoid content and also vitamin A. Vitamin A is able to help maintain clarity of eyesight. In addition, carotenoid content in spinach can prevent cataracts and macular degeneration. So that eye health can be maintained and functioning properly.

3. Consuming Spinach Can Meet Vitamin K Needs

Spinach has good vitamin K content. Vitamin K contained in spinach is very high. The benefits of vitamin K are to maintain bone health. By consuming spinach can help meet the needs of vitamin K in the body, so that vitamin K intake for the body can be fulfilled. If vitamin K is sufficient, bone health can also be maintained. Vitamin K is able to prevent the occurrence of porous bones.

4. Spinach can strengthen bones

Types of green vegetables such as spinach, have a fairly good mineral content in them, such as magnesium, zinc, phosphorus and copper. This mineral content is able to maintain bone health to remain strong. Phosphorus is also able to maintain the flexibility of bones, so that the bones become hard and can avoid bone fractures.

5. Spinach can reduce weight

For those who experience weight problems, diet is one way to do to restore the body to remain ideal. One way to keep your body weight ideal is to consume lots of vegetables and avoid fatty foods. Spinach is one type of vegetable that is very good for helping you lose weight, because spinach has fiber that is good for the body.

6. Spinach can increase immunity

Spinach contains vitamin A which is not only beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin A also functions as one component that can produce lymphocytes, or white blood cells. These white blood cells can fight diseases or infections that attack the body. By consuming spinach, the body will increase and will avoid various types of diseases.

7. Spinach Maintain a Healthy Digestive System

Vitamin A and vitamin C spinach can maintain digestive health by protecting the intestines and digestive tract to avoid free radicals that are very dangerous and often attack the body. Spinach also contains folic acid which can prevent cell mutations in the intestine and prevent DNA damage.

8. Spinach can prevent constipation

The fiber content in spinach vegetables is quite high, which is around 20%. The fiber contained in spinach, both to prevent constipation, and help launch bowel movements.

9. Spinach can prevent diabetes

Substances contained in spinach are also able to reduce blood sugar in the body. To stabilize blood sugar, can be done by consuming spinach every day. Stable blood sugar can prevent the risk of rising blood sugar levels for diabetics. In addition, the megnesium content in spinach also helps prevent complications in diabetics.

10. Spinach Is Anti-Inflammatory

For patients with inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis it is recommended to consume spinach. This is because spinach has very high anti-inflammatory properties. So by consuming spinach can reduce the pain caused by inflammatory diseases.

11. Spinach can reduce high blood pressure

Blood pressure that is too high can cause several diseases. Potassium content in spinach is quite high and low in sodium. This content is very useful for balancing high blood pressure to be stable again.

12. Spinach can prevent low blood pressure

In addition to lowering high blood pressure, consuming spinach is also useful to prevent high blood pressure. The iron content in spinach will keep blood pressure stable.

13. Spinach can launch blood circulation

If blood circulation is blocked, various types of diseases will arise because blood flow is not smooth to several organs of the body. The content of folic acid in spinach can overcome this blocked blood circulation. Folic acid is also able to make blood vessels more elastic, so that blood flow will not be easily inhibited.

14. Spinach Can Prevent Cardiovascular Disease

Cardiovascular disease is a disease caused by hardening of the arteries. To prevent this disease, the content of choline and inositol in folic acid contained in spinach, can reduce homocysteine ​​which can cause cardiovascular disease.

15. Spinach can prevent anemia

Spinach is very well known for its high iron content. Consuming spinach is highly recommended for those who have problems with anemia or lack of red blood cells. The content of iron in spinach can help the formation of red blood cells that function to carry oxygen throughout the body.

16. Spinach can Maintain Skin Health

Vitamin A can not only maintain eye health. The content of vitamin A contained in spinach is also able to maintain healthy skin and keep the epidermal layer moist and prevent wrinkles on the face.

17. Spinach can Maintain a Nervous System Health

Vitamin K has various benefits, one of which is to maintain a healthy nervous system. The content of vitamin K is useful for the synthesis of sphingolipids or the formation of myelin sheath around the nerves.

18. Consuming Spinach Can Maintain Brain Function

Vitamin K in spinach is also beneficial for brain function. Vitamin K is able to maintain and help maintain and improve memory in the brain.

19. Spinach Can Overcome Bloody Gum Problems

Vitamin C deficiency can cause gums to bleed. Vitamin C is usually found in fruits that have a slightly sour taste. Spinach also contains vitamin C which is quite good. So, dealing with bleeding gums can not only be done by eating fruit, but also by consuming spinach vegetables.

20. Spinach Serves As An Anti-oxidant

Anti-oxidants can help ward off cancer-causing free radicals and various other health problems. Anti-oxidants are found in several types of vegetables, one of which is spinach. The content of anti-oxidants in spinach, as well as in other fruits and vegetables that are useful so that the body is not susceptible to disease.

21. Spinach Contains Good Nutrition for Growth

One of the benefits of iron in spinach is the growth of children and adolescents. Calorie-rich and low-fat content in spinach is also very good for maintaining a healthy body and maintaining nutrient intake during growth.

22. Spinach can Maintain Stamina

Too much work or lots of activities can cause the body to become weak and feel tired. Eating spinach can restore tired body stamina. This is due to the iron content of spinach which can help increase oxygen production in the body, so it can restore stamina.

23. Spinach Can Prevent Calcification in Body Tissue

Vitamin K in spinach has many benefits for the body. Vitamin K also plays a role in the carboxylation process. Carboxylation is the process of preventing calcium in the formation of lime in body tissues. Calcification of tissue in the body can cause interference with several organs of the body. Maintaining Brain Function.

24. Spinach Maintaining the Health of Pregnant Women

Pregnant women will usually easily feel weak due to lack of red blood. Folic acid and iron in spinach are very useful for maintaining the health of pregnant women and their womb. Folic acid can help the brain function of babies from the womb. Iron can help the formation of red blood cells, thus preventing pregnant women from getting anemia.

25. Spinach can Maintain Dental Health

Healthy teeth affect appetite. Problems that are often experienced in teeth are cavities and prosthetic teeth. One of the factors that cause cavities is lack of calcium. To strengthen and fulfill dental calcium intake, it can be done by consuming spinach regularly.

26. Spinach can Treat Ulcer Disease

Ulcer is caused by the high production of stomach acid. Overcoming ulcers can be done medically if it's chronic. Ulcer sufferers are also advised to maintain a diet that is not eating coconut milk and spicy foods. Vegetables that are good for ulcer sufferers are spinach. The content of vitamins and minerals in spinach can reduce stomach acid production.

27. Spinach Prevents Dangers of Air Pollution

Toxins can enter the body through the skin and breathing which is very dangerous. Air pollution contains carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide compounds. Both of these compounds can cause skin problems and respiratory problems. To prevent this, the content of vitamin C in spinach can protect the skin and body from the air pollution that is around us.

28. Spinach Removes Ultraviolet from the Body

When leaving the house in the afternoon, often the body experiences direct contact with sunlight. The sun emits ultraviolet light which can also be harmful to skin health. To ward off and remove this dangerous ultraviolet, one can use spinach. The content of vitamin B in spinach can be used as an alternative to prevent the danger of ultraviolet light in the skin.

29. Consuming Spinach can Eliminate Acne

Vitamin A and vitamin K are very useful for maintaining beauty. Spinach can be used to get rid of pimples on the face. By using spinach as a natural mask for the face, the intake of skin nutrients from the outside is fulfilled, the skin becomes clean and avoids the problem of acne that attacks the face.

30. Spinach Can Prevent Early Aging

Facial skin wrinkled due to premature aging can damage the appearance. The content of vitamin C found in spinach leaves can be useful for treating wrinkled facial problems. By drinking a cup of spinach a day, the problem of premature aging experienced can be overcome easily.

31. Spinach can Bind Calcium

The content of vitamin C in spinach is able to bind calcium so it is not wasted. So that calcium can be used to maintain the health of the organs that need it.

32. Consuming Spinach can Maintain Joint Health

To move the body, at each end of the bone there is a joint that functions so that one bone with the other bones can be joined and can be moved. When you experience old age, usually some people will have difficulty moving in the joints. The content of vitamin D in spinach can provide nutrients to the joints, so that joint health will be maintained.

33. Spinach can Maintain Heart Health

Spinach contains folic acid which can reduce homocysteine, so it can reduce the risk of heart attack.

34. Spinach is good for regeneration

Menstruation is something that happens periodically for every woman. When menstruating, women will need lots of minerals so that their stamina is maintained. Minerals that are exposed when a woman is experiencing menstruation can be obtained by consuming spinach. Spinach is also included in one type of plant that has a very good mineral content to maintain stamina.

35. Spinach can reduce cholesterol buildup in the body

There are so many foods that contain cholesterol or bad fats that are unconsciously consumed by most people. Cholesterol can cause several health problems that are dangerous and can inhibit blood flow. To overcome this cholesterol problem, it can be done by consuming spinach regularly. The content in spinach is able to neutralize cholesterol in the body.

36. Spinach can Increase Muscle Efficiency

According to the Karolinska Institude study in Sweden, states that consuming spinach vegetables can improve muscle performance well.

37. Spinach is good for children

Children need good nutrition during growth. Children who consume spinach have better development than children who did not consume spinach in their childhood. Various nutrients in spinach are very good for the growth period for children. The content in spinach can help the child's immune system not to be susceptible to disease.

38. Spinach can reduce pain

Spinach contains Violaxanthin which can relieve pain that is experienced by some people with different causes.

39. Spinach Can Increase Memory

Consuming spinach is very good for improving memory. Eating spinach can keep the memories of someone who is old. Vitamin K in spinach can provide nutrients to the brain to maintain brain memory.

40. Spinach can strengthen the intestine

Spinach is very good for maintaining the digestive system. Not only smooth digestion, iron content in spinach can also strengthen the intestine. The intestine is an organ that processes the absorption of food juices and carries out the process of food decay. Intestinal health is very important, because if the intestine is damaged it will affect other organs.

Thus about 40 Benefits of Spinach for Health and Daily Life. Spinach is often consumed and used to become a variety of processed foods. It's just that, not many people know that spinach has various benefits that are very important for maintaining nutritional intake and nutrients in the body. Spinach can be consumed every day to meet nutritional needs and not cause side effects for health. So that children also like to consume spinach, these green vegetables can be processed into various preparations, from vegetables to ice cream.

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