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24 Benefits of Oranges for Health and Beauty

Citrus fruit is very important for the health of the human body, this fruit is rich in vitamin C which can make the body healthier. Oranges are fruits that we can easily find in traditional markets to supermarkets.

Nutrient content
Oranges have a very high nutrient content, not only vitamin C in 180 grams of citrus fruits, there are also high protein, calories and fiber nutrients. Oranges also contain nutrients and minerals that are important for the development of child and adult nutrition.

Benefits of oranges
Besides being consumed directly, citrus fruits can also be processed into various beverages and other products. This is because, orange is a plant that is widely cultivated, making it easy to obtain and process it. The types of oranges that are often consumed are lime, lemon and grapefruit.

Here are the 24 benefits of oranges for health and beauty:

1. Orange can reduce the risk of stroke.

According to the American Heart Association, states that "Eating citrus fruits regularly can reduce the risk of ischemic stroke for women". Consuming high amounts of oranges has a 19% lower risk of ischemic stroke than women who consume less.

2. Orange can reduce blood pressure.

To reduce blood pressure maintaining a low sodium intake is very important, but increasing potassium intake may be just as important because of its vasodilating effects. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, less than 2% of US adults do not meet the daily potassium intake of 4700 mg. High potassium intake can make a 20% reduction in the risk of death.

3. Orange can prevent cancer

According to a study of the American Journal of Epidemiology, states that consuming oranges and orange juice in the first two years of life can reduce the risk of developing leukemia.

Antioxidants and vitamin C in oranges can also help fight the formation of free radicals as a cause of cancer. The vitamin C consumed for cancer therapeutic purposes and high fiber from fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of colorectal cancer.

4. Oranges can Maintain Heart Health

According to Mark Houston, MD, MS, clinical professor of medicine at Vanderbilt Medical School and director of the Hypertension Institute at St Thomas Hospital in Tennessee: Fiber, potassium, vitamin C, and choline found in oranges support heart health. Increased potassium intake and decreased sodium intake are the most important changes in diet to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Consuming 4069 mg of potassium per day has a 49% lower risk of death from ischemic heart disease compared with those who consume less potassium (around 1000 mg per day).

5. Orange is good for the digestive system

Even though oranges have an acidic taste that is considered not good for digestion, they contain a lot of alkaline minerals which help to balance the body after they are digested. In this case, they are similar to the benefits of lemon which is one of the alkaline foods.

6. Orange as a source of carbohydrates

Oranges also have simple sugars in them, oranges have a glycemic index of 40. Carbohydrates below the glycemic index 55 are considered low. This means that while not eating large amounts of oranges at one time, it will not affect blood sugar and cause problems with insulin or weight.

7. Oranges can help maintain the immune system

Oranges are the highest source of vitamin C compared to other types of fruits. One medium-sized citrus fruit can meet around 72% of vitamin C from the body's daily needs. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can protect the body from damage caused by free radicals. Vitamin C in oranges is also effective for boosting the immune system.

8. Oranges can improve brain function

Folic acid or vitamin B9, which is found in every citrus fruit, is very important to maintain brain development and keep vital organs in good condition. Citrus fruits contain phytonutrients or polyphenols which are very helpful for improving brain memory.

9. Oranges can maintain kidney health

Consuming oranges can also maintain kidney health, especially to protect the kidneys from kidney stones. Consuming oranges regularly is very important to avoid kidney stones.

10. Oranges can Maintain Eye Health

Want healthy eyes? It's good to diligently consume oranges which can help maintain healthy eyes naturally. Nutritional content, high vitamins and minerals in oranges can help maintain eye health.

11. Oranges can treat canker sores

If you are having problems with canker sores that are stubborn and don't heal, it's good to treat it by consuming oranges regularly.

12.Oranges are beneficial for bones

Oranges also have calcium content, carrying 180 grams of orange contains 7% of the body's daily calcium needs. Citrus fruits are very good for bone health.

13. Orange can maintain stamina

Oranges contain calorie content which can also help provide and maintain stamina so that the body stays fresh.

14.Orange helps in muscle formation

Substances that can help build muscle are proteins, oranges also have a protein that is high enough to help build muscle mass.

15. Oranges can facilitate the digestive system

Oranges also contain fiber that is high enough so that it is very good to help facilitate the digestive system and bowel movements.

16. Oranges can prevent cataracts

One eye disease is cataracts. Vitamin A is very useful for eye health, Vitamin A which is high enough in oranges can help prevent eyes from cataracts.

17. Orange can be used as a diet program menu

Orange can be used for your daily diet program, because it contains fiber that is good for digestion and does not cause obesity.

18. Oranges can help height during growth

Related to the effects that calories give to the body, it turns out that the calories in oranges are also useful in helping human height.

19. Oranges maintain nerve health

The magnesium content in citrus fruits is very helpful in maintaining nerve health.

20. Oranges can prevent cramps or tingling

Oranges contain kalium or potassium, this substance is very useful to prevent cramps and tingling.

21. Oranges can prevent damage to the skin

Vitamin C is useful as an antioxidant, if eaten in natural form or applied to the skin, it can help to fight skin damage caused by sunlight and pollution. Including reducing wrinkles and improving overall skin texture. Vitamin C plays an important role in collagen formation, as a skin support system.

22. Orange can smooth the skin

How to use : Rub the skin with pumice or scrub. Then, rub the lemon slices on the hardened part of the skin. After that, use a moisturizer. Do it regularly to get satisfying results.

23. Orange can soothe and cleanse the scalp

When it's hot, use orange as a hair tonic mixture. Mix the hair tonic with lime and then store it in the refrigerator until it feels cool. Use it every time you want coolness for your scalp and feel the greatness of oranges that can refresh and cleanse your scalp.

24. Orange can restore the natural luster of hair

Give lemon juice to each hair comb with a little sun in the sun. The longer the hair that is given lemon juice, will change the hair color to be more shiny under the sun. But don't do it on dry and easily brittle hair.

Contraindications to the consumption of oranges
Beta-blockers : This type of drug that is most commonly prescribed for heart disease can cause potassium levels to increase in the blood. Foods high in potassium such as oranges and bananas should be consumed in moderation when taking beta-blocker drugs. Consuming too much potassium can be dangerous for people whose kidneys are not functioning properly. If the kidneys are unable to remove excess potassium from the blood, it can be fatal.
Ulcer : Those with gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD) may experience an increase in heartburn-like symptoms when consuming highly acidic foods such as citrus fruits, but the reaction can vary for each individual.

Facts about Oranges :
  • Orange is one of the largest fruit plants in the world
  • Brazil is the largest orange producer in the world
  • The taste of oranges is the third favorite in the world after chocolate and vanilla.
But one of the most important things of all is the overall diet in preventing disease to get good health. It's better to consume food with a variety than to concentrate on only one type of food. Enjoy the benefits of citrus fruit as best you can, healthy greetings.

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