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19 Benefits of Honey for Health and Daily Life According to Research

Honey was a type of natural sweetener produced by bees and other insects from flower nectar. Like syrup, honey in the form of a thick golden liquid, sweet taste and is called has many benefits for the human body.

8 Generals knowledge About Honey according to the Data of experts:
  1. The world are producing honey bees around the more than 1.1 billion pounds of an annual. Some countries that topped in producing honey, that Pakistan, the United States, China, Italy, India, Egypt, Japan, Spain, South Africa, Argentina, Belarus, Mexico, Russia, Turkey and Ukraine
  2. Bee Fossil have had been found trapped in amber stones, which are estimated to live 80 million years ago.
  3. The largest bees are worker bees which length is about 4 cms and the largest honey bee has a length of 20 cms.
  4. The number of colonies or groups of healthy Bees and powerful is numbering about 50,000-60,000 bees.
  5. More of the smallest sized 2 millimeters, while the Honey bees smallest is 1 cms.
  6. Speed flying bee reaches 25 km/h.
  7. Honey bees are able to distinguish sweet, sour, salty and bitter.
  8. During the live 1 bees capable of producing 45 grams of honey.

Currently, researchers from the University of Illinois confirms that bees has a particular behaviours. Brain Be contains millions of neurons with a size that is no bigger than a point we wrote with a pen.

Scientists say that the bee chose the shortest way to reach the goal. In other words, the bee is superior to humans in a decision to reach the goal.

This is the Health Benefits of honey for 19 and daily life according to research Experts:

1. Honey can be used as a powerful Antiseptic.

Dr. Molan founds that all types of honey has a strong antibacterial type. He said: "we do not findsubstances of any kind in the world, such as that found in honey with the specificity of Antiseptic, where the bees dragging substance hydrogen peroxide with special enzymes. This substance is famous for sterile nature. "

The Researcher have been doing trials for 20 years also say and prove that Honey Can Cure Constipation without side effects.

2. Honey can treat burns and Pus.

Dr. Molan said Honey Contains Antibiotics are powerful, so it can be used as burns and pus that gives the effect of a very amazing. Honey will immediately work to restore the skin, eliminating the former burns and kills bacteria-bacteria are dangerous. Do I simply by smearing honey on the top of the cuts we are experiencing.

3. Honey can treat skin cancer.

Dr. Glenys Round is a Specialist Cancer. He states that we can use Honey in the process of the treatment of skin cancer, because Honey is capable of burning and lifting the affected skin cancer. Do I just rub it on the affected part of the skin cancer.

4. Honey can treat a wide variety of Wound on the skin without side effects.

Experts say that they have spent six billion dollars annually to the treatment of wounds. All patients who feel the wound was also pleased with the method of healing wounds with honey because without side effects and no pain when using it.

5. Honey can be used as a disease of the stomach (Gastritis), cholesterol and sore throat.

Experts prove that Honey can afford divisive defense of bacteria, as well as damaging and prostrate So Honey could afford to treat diseases of the stomach and a sore throat. Honey can prevent Oxidation so that nevertheless can be useful in the treatment of cholesterol. All the mentioned diseases simply by drinking the original Honey on a regular basis.

6. Honey can treat Numbness.

Honey contains vitamins B1 are useful to overcome the Neuritis and numb, the way drinks it regularly.

7. Honey can treat Thrush, lips chapped and Sore Eyes.

Honey also contains Vitamin B2 are useful for treating cankers sores, chapped Lips and inflammations of the eye, by the way drinks it regularly.

8. Honey can help soothe the psychological conditions for those who experience Mental disorders.

Honey contained a number of minerals such as potassium, sodium, calcium, Magnesium, iron, Copper, phosphorus and Sulfurs so it can be soothing if we drink.

9. Honey Useful for children or Infants.

Honey is very important for the baby's breastfeeding and being able to protect them from Anemia and a habit of Bedwetting. Need to be italicized for children under one year of age, honey should be given in small amounts. In the addition to the child who can be already chew the food could use Beeswax which has been blended pure honey to help treat Colds, sore throats, coughs, Sinus, muscle spasms, poisoning and allergies of the nose.

10. Being able to be able to cure Insomnia (Difficulty sleeping).

The trick is to drink a glass of water dissolved in a tablespoon before bed. Wrong cause of Insomnia is Not a quiet Mind. According to the experts drink honey has a calming effect. Therefore, Honey can quiet the mind used to have Insomnia (Difficulty sleeping).

11. Honey a lethal heart attack prevent.

Researchers revealed that Honey by consuming one spoon of pure honey daily can protect from heart attacks because Honey has a good contribution in work system of the heart.

12. Honey can treat chronic cough.

Experts also say by consuming one spoon of pure honey daily can can treat chronic cough.

13. Honey is able to Treat Sufferers Weak Orgasm (Impotence) and Infertility (Infertility).

With drinking honeys regularly according to experts who have conducted the experiment of honey is also useful for Weak Desire and barren.

14. Honey can treat Stress.

Inflammation of the nerve and interruptions in the work system of the body can lead to stress. Honey has a tremendous energy in arranging and relieve this disorder, as well as soothes the psychological conditions.

15. Honey can treat Gingivitis and tooth decay.

Drinking and massage the gums with honey did a few experiments, can strengthen the weak gums, blood flow and kill harmful bacteria in the mouth.

16. Honey Can prevent and treat a variety of Cancers.

Honey and Royal Jelly can be part of a gun that is able to fight cancer. A team of Researchers from the University of Zagreb, Croatia led by Dr. Nada Oursalich concluded that Honey Bees can stop the growth and spread of tumors. They suggested that the honey products predicted causes a process called balabubtose, i.e. cell suicide, or having the effect of direct toxicity to cells and helps the immune system in the fight against the growth of cancer cells.

17. Honey can kill bacteria and Antibiotic Against.

Studies conducted by the University of Sydney, Australia, DE Carter (Professor at the Faculty of biology and Microbiology University of Sydney Bacteria) says Honey can replace a lot of antibiotics that are often used in treating wounds like drugs scrub and cream. Honey can also be used for supporting the treatment facility increases the age of antibiotics.

Besides De Carter also commands say that Honey contains approximately 800 mostly compound called methylglyoxal, integrate with other compounds that can disables the ability of bacteria to produce a new net-mesh against the Antibiotics.

18. Honey can be Against the occurrence of Injuries.

Dr. Rose Coofer Faculty of health science of the University of Wales has been doing researches on the activity of honey against bacteria. He said there were many components of contributed in making honey as a natural remedy that has Healing properties and Prevention. He also compiled a book entitled "honey in Wound Against ".

19. Honey can increase appetite.

Already known in this day and age is already a lot of honey in a bottle and sold down in useful to increase appetite. Admin Info family and myself have felt the effects of the effects of Honey that are useful to increase the appetite. 

Thus, the Health Benefits of honey for 19 and daily life according to research experts. Hopefully by reading an article taken from a book, making you rich of knowledge about honey.

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