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Health Benefits of Guava Leaves

Guava (Psidium guajava) is a tropical plant that originated in Brazil. Guava has the fruit flesh of the fruit is green and white or red and sour-sweet taste. Guava fruit contains a lot of vitamin c. 

Benefits of Guava Leaves for Health

Guava is very delicious to eat, in addition to delicious, guava also contains nutrients that are beneficial to the health of the body. However, in addition to guava fruit, the leaves of the guava is also used for treating certain types of the disease. Benefits of guava leaves for health among is as anti bacterial, anti oxidants, and anti inflammatory.

What are the benefits of guava leaves for health?. Below 10 benefits of guava leaves for health :

1. Guava Leaf can treat Disease Bronchitis.

Disease bronchitis is one type of respiratory disease that requires proper handling. Guava leaves can dilute the mucus in the respiratory tract, Lung opening, and a relief sigh.

2. Guava Leaves to Prevent Bleeding (Dengue Fever).

Bleeding that occurs in the condition of dengue fever can be fatal if not quickly pointed handled or treated. To prevent bleeding for patients with dengue fever, of platelets in the blood needs to be raised so that bleeding does not occur. Guava is able to raise significantly the number of platelets, so that the leaves of the guava is called as the most potent herbal remedies for dengue fever.

3. Leaves of the Guava can Lose Weight.

If the program is undergoing a diet to lose weight, can make use of guava leaf extract by consuming.

4. Leaves of the Guava can Improve Sperm Quality.

For those who are currently undergoing program to have the fruit of the heart/child, keeping the sperm quality is very important so that the couples soon can be fertilized (pregnant). Benefits of guava leaves is certainly will bring a positive impact to household harmony.

5. Leaves of the Guava can Lower Cholesterol Levels.

The buildup of cholesterol levels in the body can carry many diseases. Many consume the leaves of guava, the levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood vessel exaggeration can drop significantly, so as to prevent the blockage of blood, heart attack, or stroke.

6. Guava Leaves as Anti-Cancer Substances and Anti-Tumor.

Guava Leaves contain anti-cancer substances and anti tumor, like likopen or quercetin that supplement vitamin C. This substance is useful to fight against a variety of antioxidants and free radicals. By consuming guava leaf extract on a regular basis can prevent some types of cancer including gastric cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, or cancer of the mouth.

7. Leaves of the Guava can Cure Sore Teeth and Gums.

Diseases of the teeth and gums are very intrusive smoothness in everyday activities. Diseases of the teeth and gums usually appear suddenly, to not be able to avoid. Guava leaf extract contains anti-inflammatory substances that can relieve sore teeth and gums that are being experienced.

8. Leaves of the Guava can Treat Allergies.

If are experiencing allergy can eat guava leaf extract to cure it. Guava leaves contain a substance histamine which is very useful for treating allergies.

9. Guavas Leaves can Overcome the Diarrhea.

The leaves of the guava has been widely known as a very effective natural remedy for treating diarrhea. First chewing guava leaves is one way to cure diarrhea, but now we can get the guava leaf extract in the nearest pharmacies to drink while we are experiencing diarrhea. In addition, health experts have also found the fact that natural deposits on the leaves of guava is very effective to reduce the frequency and severity of bowel movements (diarrhea).

10. Leaves of the Guava can Prevent Diabetes.

Some kind of dangerous diseases can also be prevented by eating the leaves of guava. Health experts claimed that guava leaf extract can prevent the emergence of diabetes, because the leaves of guava contains fiber that is high enough so that it is able to absorb glucose in the blood and will not cause diabetes or prevent diabetes.

So the 10 benefits of guava leaves for health. After learning some of the benefits of guava leaves for health, attracted you to plant guava? Do you want to consume the leaves of guava? Answer in the comments huh. Thank You.

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