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Health Benefits of Bay Laurel Leaves (Laurus Nobilis)

Bay leaf (Laurus Nobilis) is scented leaves are used to flavor dishes because of the aroma and the taste is unique. The tree is named after laurel and fruits such as olives.

Health Benefits of Bay Laurel Leaves (Laurus Nobilis)

The Benefits Of Bay Leaf

Bay leaf is also beneficial for health and beauty. The benefits of bay leaf can cure some types of mild to severe disease. What are the benefits of bay leaf for kesehatnan and beauty?. Below 16 Benefits of Bay Laurel Leaves (Laurus nobilis) for Health :

1. Bay Laurel Leaves as an Antifungal.

Bay leaf contains Ethanol that act as antibacterial and antifungal properties.

2. Bay Laurel Leaves as Anti-Worm.

Bay leaf contains Methanol which is useful as an anti-worm.

3. Bay Laurel Leaves Overcome Digestive Problems.

Bay leaf can be used to overcome digestive problems and nausea. Here's how: combine the Bay leaves with lemon and sugar, then boiled and the water in the drink.

4. Bay Laurel Leaves can Nourish the Eyes.

Add the bay leaf on the cuisine can provide health care for the eye.

5. Bay Laurel Leaves Help Treat Kidney Infections and Prevent Kidney Stones.

Here's how: Boil some pieces of bay leaf until boiling, then drink in the warm 2 times a day.

6. Bay Laurel Leaves can Alleviate Pain.

Bay leaf has anti-inflammatory properties that can relieve pain in the joints, sprains, rheumatik, and arthritis.

7. The Bay Laurel Leaves can Treat Headaches.

Bay leaf contains partenolida which can treat migraines. Here's how: Boil some pieces of bay leaf and then drinking the decoction of water regularly.

8. Bay Laurel Leaves can Maintain Hair Health.

Here's how: heat the leaves that have been mixed with olive oil or pecans for a few minutes. Use the hot oil to massage your scalp once every two days.

9. The Bay Laurel Leaves can Delay the Appearance of Grey Hair.

Recipes hot oil at number 8 on the top is also effective to keep the hair in order to remain black until old age.

10. Bay Laurel Leaves can Launch the Digestion.

Here's how : Brewed dried Bay leaves with hot water, then let stand until the water is discolored. Drinking on a regular basis.

11. Bay Laurel Leaves can Cope with Stress.

Bay leaf contains linalool are beneficial to lower the performance of stress hormones. When the feeling of panic, anxiety, or tired, breathe in the aromas of dried bay leaf tea for aromatherapy.

12. Bay Laurel Leaves can Relieve Flu, Fever, and Infection.

Dried bay leaf tea can help strengthen the immune system that can relieve flu, fever, and infection.

13. Bay Laurel Leaves Make Sleeping Soundly.

Sipping tea leaves can calm the mind and make sleep more soundly.

14. Bay Laurel Leaves can Treat Nosebleeds.

Benefits of dried Bay leaves are capable of overcoming the nosebleeds by way of drinking tea from the dried leaves of already crushed.

15. Bay Laurel Leaves as an Anti Cancer.

Bay leaf contains eugenol, caffeic, catechin and quercetin are effective against some types of cancer.

16. Bay Laurel Leaves can Treat Gout.

Here's how : 25 sheets of Boiled leaves with 500 ml of water until the water later shrank to half. Drink this decoction when warm 2 times in a day.

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