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Health Benefits and Side Effects of Tea

It is known that the content of antioxidants in tea could prevent cancer risk. Drinking tea can make the body become relaxed in undergoing an activity. The tea can be enjoyed in various ways, brewed with hot water or ice is added.

Health Benefits and Side Effects of Tea

A good tea comes from the shoots with 2-3 plus strands of young leaves. Young tea leaves contains polyphenols, caffeine as well as amino acids. It is this compound that affects color, aroma and taste of the tea.

Here are some of the benefits of the 3 existing compounds content in tea leaves for health :


A type of Polyphenol antioxidants that are beneficial to :
- Lowers cholesterol levels
- Lower the pressure and blood sugar levels
- Help the work of the kidneys and prevent the occurrence of gallstones
- Improve digestion
- Fat-dissolving and preventing bad cholesterol


The benefits of caffeine contained in tea are :
- Are as mild stimulant on the central nervous system so that it can accelerate blood circulation to the brain
- With tea drinking regularly will raise the level of memory, cognitive performance, feeling of pleasant and mood
- Essential oil


Tea also contains proteins that are useful as:
- Fat Solvent
- Facilitate the digestion and circulation

The following is 14 Tea Benefits for Health and Beauty as Well as Side Effects : 

1. Tea can Relieve Drowsiness.

Tea has caffeine content can reduce drowsiness, even at night. Effects: If consuming high amounts of tea can make it difficult to sleep.

2. Tea may Prevent Diabetes.

Research conducted in 2010 found that caffeine in tea can help reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

3. Tea can Enhance Mood (mood booster).

If you're stressed or are not in the mood a cup of black tea is the solution. A study concluded that consuming black tea may reduce the levels of stress hormones. A study published by the Journal of the American Medical Association stated that six months consuming black tea regularly can lower systolic blood pressure.

4. The Tea can Fight Free Radicals.

Tea contains ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) are quite high, which is beneficial to destroy free radicals (which can damage the DNA) in the human body.

5. Tea that Precipitated it can Make Hair Healthy and Shining.

Green tea contains Pathenol which can help reduce the damaged hair and branching. Here's how: the sediment right tea for a few days and cover it to hair, wait a few minutes then rinse with sampho.

6. Tea as a Facial and Eye Treatment.

The mask made of tea can prevent dryness of the skin. For eye care, please use the tea as a compress on the bottom of the eye with the tea. Tea also contains that can give back the freshness on the skin around the eyes.

7. The Tea can Prevent Wrinkles on The Face.

Consume green tea on a regular basis you can escape from the free radicals that can prevent triggers the appearance of wrinkles.

8. Tea can Dissolve Fat.

Tea contains essential oil can dissolve fat and digestion.

9. Tea can Lose Weight.

Study on the year 2011 in the Journal Obesity found that green tea extract may reduce the formation of fats in the body which can add weight. But the instant green tea should be avoid, since many contain sugar.

10. Tea can Prevent the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke.

As already written above, tea contains polyphenols that may help lower cholesterol levels and blood sugar. Olestrol levels and high blood sugar is one of the causes of heart disease and stroke. Tea also contains flavonoids quercetin, kaempferol, myricetin and can lower blood pressure and hardening of the arteries to heart health.
A study in the Netherlands found that drinking black tea cup 2-3 per day can reduce the risk 70% are exposed to fatal heart attacks.

11. Tea can Maintain Bone Health.

A study comparing between tea beverage connoisseur with a non-tea drinkers, it was found that that drinking tea regularly for 10 years or more have strong bones. The researchers argue that the tea contains phytochemicals which is a substance that can maintain bone health.

12. Tea Polyphenols can Prevent Cancer.

Tea also contains antioxidants that can prevent the disease cancer. However for tea benefits is still in the process of further research because there are few studies that provide a positive impact and its negative impact.

13. Tea can Increase the Body's Metabolism.

Green tea contains catechin polyphenols beneficial to take out the energy in your body because it is both warm the body (thermogenesis). The fat that is rapidly oxidized and sensivitas insulin helps increase the metabolism in the body.

14. Tea can Keep Your Dental Health.

Polyphenols are very effective to kill bacteria due to plaque which sticks to the teeth. The plaque on the teeth causing cavities and lead to problems in the gums, as well as the dental color changing.

The Next is Side Effects of Consuming Excessive Tea :

1. Tea can Cause Sleeplessness at Night.

Consuming tea in excess can cause sleeplessness at night today, because tea contains caffeine.

2. Tea can Increase Stomach Acid.

We suggest that we should be able to set the pattern of drinking green tea with good and not too often and a lot of consumption. Green tea contains Tannins which are the substances that can trigger stomach to produce more acid stomach.

3. The Tea can Interfere With the Health of the Kidneys.

For those who are taking the drug or medical treatment, being recommended do not drink green tea. As this can cause the kidneys to work harder and can cause problems in the kidneys.

4. Tea can Interfere With the Secretion of Hormones.

If excessive consume green tea, it can interfere with the secretion of hormones in the body. Recommended maximum of 2 cups of tea drinking in every day.

5. Tea can Interfere With the Absorption of Iron.

Too much and overdo in consuming green tea also can aggravate blood ability in absorbing nutrients and iron.

6. The Tea can Cause Illness Insomnia.

Caffeine content in green tea has a very high levels and very dangerous which may cause hit insomnia.

7. The Tea can Interfere With the Health of the Fetus in Pregnant Women.

If the mother is pregnant excessively consume green tea can interfere with the health of fetus, because the Caffeine in tea is not very good for the health of the fetus.

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