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Benefits of Water for Health and the Human Body

Overview Description of Water

Water is a compound which is essential to human life on Earth, but probably not in other planets. The water covered nearly 71% of the Earth's surface. There are 1.4 trillion cubic kilometers (330 million mile ³) water available on Earth. The water is mostly found in sea (salt water) and on layers of ice (at the poles and the tops of the mountains), but can also be shaped like clouds, rain, rivers, fresh water, face the Lake, water vapor, and sea ice.

Health Benefits of Water

To get fresh water from sea water can be done by means of reverse osmosis, a process of filtering seawater by using pressure that streamed through a membrane filter. This system is called SWRO (Seawater Reverse Osmosis) and widely used on a ship or installation of clean water on the beach with raw sea water.

Another way is to use Fresh Water Generator (FWG). Fresh Water Generator (FWG) was a maker of freshwater with seawater evaporate in the way vaporizer (Evaporator) and the sea-water vapor is cooled by means of condensation inside the plane Distillation/condenser, resulting in water condensation is called condensate. Fresh water generator, is one of the important auxiliary aircraft on board. This is because using the FWG (Fresh water generators) can produce fresh water that can be used for drinking, cooking, washing and even run other important machine that uses fresh water as the cooling medium.

In many places in the world shortage of water supplies. Other than on Earth, a large amount of water is also estimated to be found in the North and South poles of the planet Mars and the moons Europa and Enceladus. Water can form a solid (ice), liquid (water), and gas (water vapor). Water is the only substance that is naturally present in the surface of the Earth in his third. The management of water resources that are less well could cause water shortages, monopolization and privatization and even ignite conflicts.

The Nature Of Water

Water is a chemical substance with chemical formula H2O : one molecule of water is made up of two hydrogen atoms covalently bonded to a single oxygen atom. The waters are colorless, tasteless and odorless not on standard conditions, i.e. at a pressure of 100 kPa (1 bar) and temperature of 273.15 K (0 ° C). This is a chemical solvent, which has the ability to dissolve many other chemical substances, such as salts, sugars, acids, some type of gas and many kinds of organic molecules.

State of water in the form of liquid is a State which is not common in normal conditions, especially having regard to the relationship between a hydride to another that is similar to the oxygen in a column on the periodic table, which suggests that the water should be gaseous, as hydrogen sulfide. Having regard to the periodic table, it looks that the elements surrounding oxygen are nitrogen, phosphorus, and flor, sulfur and chlorine. All these elements in a bind with hydrogen would produce gas at normal temperature and pressure. he reason why hydrogen bonds with oxygen to form a phase in a liquid state is because oxygen is more electronegative than are other elements (except flor).

Pull the oxygen atom in the electrons bond is much stronger than that done by hydrogen atoms, leaving the amount of positive charge on the two hydrogen atoms, and the amount of negative charge on the oxygen atom. The existence of the charge on each atom of the molecule of water has a number of dipole moment. The style of the electrical attraction between water molecules due to this dipole makes each molecule of each other, making it difficult for separated and ultimately raise the boiling point of water. The style of this attraction known as hydrogen bonds.

Water is often referred to as the universal solvent because water can dissolve many chemical substances. Water is in dynamic equilibrium between the solid and liquid phase under standard pressure and temperature. In the form of ions, the water can be described as a hydrogen ion (H +) in Association (bind) and a hydroxide ion (OH-). High concentrations of dissolved lime make the color of the water of Havasu Falls seen in turquoise.

Benefits of Water

21 Health Benefits of Water 
In addition to water can make the Body apart from dehydration. Many other benefits by consuming water regularly and enough for health. These 21 benefits of Drinking Water for Health and the Human Body :

1. Water can Reduce the Sense of Tired.

If you feel tired or lethargic excess, that possibility is one sign that the shortage of body fluid or someone who is dehydrated.

If the body is deficient fluid, the heart will work harder to pump the blood that contain oxygen to all body tissues via the blood stream due to a decrease in blood volume. In addition most of the other major organs should work a maximum of so less effective due to dehydration.

Therefore if the body feels tired most major things that can decrease it is drinking water. Drinking three glasses of water, then take a break for a moment while waiting for the positive reactions from drinking water.

2. Water can Improve your Mood.

Some research reveals that a State body that lacked consume fluids can affect the situation of the liver as well as the power thinks. Therefore it is important to drink water regularly to improve your mood.

3. Water can Relieve Headaches.

Headache including migraine, one caused by dehydration. In a study published in the Journal of Neurology Europa explained that with increased drinking water can reduce head pain.

4. Water is Good for the Digestive System.

The role of water in the digestive tract that is can help the digestive system becomes better. Lack of water in the digestive system can cause constipation and can inhibit the rate of digestible food into the intestine, if it is continuously allowed to cause the digestive tract to be damaged.

By drinking lots of water can increase your metabolism body and help smooth the food processing system due to be a regular bowel movement. Some scholars have referred us to drink plain water warm when experiencing constipation.

5. Water can Increase Appetite.

Loss of appetite could harm the health of the body, because the body does not gain nutrients from the foods that should be consumed. If you're having this problem, drink at least one glass of water before eating.

Some researchers state that plain water can increase appetite, especially if drunk before eating. In addition to that by consuming the white water can also help stabilize body weight.

6. Water Removing the Toxins in the Body.

In the body there are toxins that enter through food or beverages consumed. Water is the best choice for help removing toxins from the body and removed other risky substances through sweat and urine (pee).

7. Water can be Prevent Kidney Stones.

Water can dilute the salt and minerals in the urine which led to the formation of kidney stones. But is drinking lots of water also affects the strength of the kidneys to filter out impurities.

8. Water can Control Body Temperature.

The amount of water in accordance with the needs of the body, can set body temperature due to thermal-shaped water that have the ability to release body heat when remove sweat.

Drinking water after exercise will shrink the risk of occurrence of aching joints and muscles, and prevent cramps and sprains.

9. Water can Reduce the Negative Impact of Alcohol.

Alcohol can often make urination. Some scholars refer to the people who have been drinking lots of alcohol drinking plain water to reproduce before bed so that the negative effects of alcohol so a little more.

10. Water Deal With Breath that Smells.

The smell of breath or mouth is one of the aspects that keep your friend away. If this happens we can be eliminated from the association. If you don't want lingering slumped in sad sense, better find a way out of the problems that you are facing Central.

Bad breath can be caused due to a lack of drinking water until the mouth moist and so could not sweep food particles and accelerate the development of the bacteria the causes of bad breath.

With a minimum of eight glasses of water everyday scent less delicious coming out of your mouth will gradually disappear.

11. Mineral Water can Maintain Bone Health.

In bone formation, the calcium content in mineral water has a very important role. Calcium can strengthen bones, teeth and keep nails healthy.

12. Mineral Water Can Maintain Blood Pressure.

If high blood pressure, mineral water is the right thing to consume regularly. Because, mineral water contains magnesium and calcium which can be actively involved in the electrolytic process of the human brain and body. This electrolytic balance is very important for maintaining blood pressure on health.

13. Good Mineral Water for Skin Care.

The content of silicon dioxide or better known as silica is also found in mineral water. This content can trigger collagen production in human skin. The formation of collagen can reduce wrinkles, black spots that can make the skin become more dull. By consuming mineral water will make the skin free of stains, more moist, supple, and more radiant.

14. Mineral Water can Relieve Arthritis.

Arthritis is a type of disease that causes inflammation in the joints. Active minerals and compounds found in mineral water are drugs that are believed to reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. The anti-inflammatory properties of mineral water can also reduce swelling in the joints.

15. Mineral Water Makes Hair Stronger

Mineral water is also able to restore lost strength to the hair. Hair will also look more radiant with the content contained in mineral water that is able to restore the PH level to normal for the scalp from the inside.

16. Mineral Water can Prevent Heart Disease.

Bad cholesterol that settles in your body has the potential to clog the blood circulation so that it can lead to heart disease. By consuming mineral water regularly, it will reopen the blocked pathway in the blood circulation.

Below is Benefits of Water for Human Life :

17. Water can help with daily homework.

The other function of water is to help with daily chores. We cannot imagine if there is no water in everyday life. Maybe just a few days our lives will be very troublesome. Water has many functions that are needed and also many functions. If seen in the life of the house, an example of cleanliness will be taken.

Just imagine there is no water that accompanies us, so how are we going to clean up the many eating utensils? Even though we really need clean cutlery to use. Therefore, the existence of water is really needed, both outside the home and inside the house. So from that we as humans must maintain the cleanliness of water in our environment.

18. Water cleanses the body.

In addition used to clean household furnishings, water certainly can also be used to clean the body. Will household hygiene and also the environment around the House is a very important thing and need to get special attention. If so, will any limbs hygiene also is also very important.

This is because the Agency is part of the US. If it is not treated with body cleanliness good, then this will cause our physical health will be compromised. As a result we will be increasingly prone to illness that will endanger the lives of us all. That's why we have to be diligent in the bath with clean water clean and our agency will be spared the attacks of various viral diseases. To normal size, the bathroom was done by as much as 2 x a day, IE morning and afternoon. This would be better if used for bathing is the new water or water that is able to remove dirt without leaving a trail of other impurities.

19. The water Maintaining environmental sustainability.

Besides being useful for human life which is intern, water also have the benefits of an external call. One example is to maintain environmental sustainability around the man. For example, in the presence of enough water then it will be a lot of trees that grow in the fertile surrounding the House. Thus the air around our homes becomes cool and avoid air pollution.

In addition, with the water then the rivers will be filled of water so it will look beautiful and soothing to the eyes. The beautiful surroundings will also add to peace of mind for people who live in the vicinity. Therefore we must always strive to let the environment around us to be a beautiful neighborhood with trees which thrives. Because of the trees is one thing that can save the life of the Earth and its contents in the future of global warming.

20. Water helps the success of farm.

It has been said before that the water is extremely beneficial for the trees to be grown with lush. And it turns out not only trees but all types of plants can flourish thanks to the water. For farmers in their economic life is sustained by the success of the farm. And in this the role of the water will be badly needed. Water is becoming a basic requirement for the farmers, because of the absence of water then farmers will never be able to farm successfully.

Plants grown in paddy fields or fields are very dependent on the water. If there is no water then planted plants will not survive long and will eventually die. If the plant dies then the farmers will lose big. So that's the farmer willing to buy water or the water pump which is then channeled to the river irrigates the rice could be or for the sake of his field. Thus we know that the role of this water is very important for farmers.

21. Water launched an economy society.

Water is also useful to be able to launch a community's economy. As already mentioned earlier that most of the population had a job as a farmer. Thus the economy of the community is supported by the availability of water. And it turns out not only for the tenants of the land only, but also to other professions. Other jobs that require water such as in the field of industrial production or processing. In factories that use large machines, water is very functional to be able to cool the machine after use. So that if there is no water will be certainly very troublesome.

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