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Benefits and Side Effects of Green Tea for Health, Beauty

Green tea (Simplified Chinese: 绿茶 traditional Chinese: 綠茶 pinyin: Lǜ chá) is a tea made from the leaves of the tea plant (Camellia sinensis) learned and experienced the process of heating to prevent oxidation, or it could also mean a drink produced from the leaves brewing the tea.

Benefits and Side Effects of Green Tea

Green tea is a drink popular in mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the more known also in European countries which used to be the black tea drinkers.

Types of Green Tea

Green tea (ryokucha) is a tea that is very well known and consumed in general in Japan so it is called "tea " (ocha). Types of green tea are generally frequent in consumption in Japan:

  • Gyokuro Tea
Selected tea from tea leaves top class called Tencha. Gyokuro tea is named because of the color of pale green coming out of the tea leaves. The leaves are protected from exposure to sunlight so that it has a very fragrant aroma.

  • Matcha Tea
High quality green tea milled into powder and tea used for tea ceremony. The fragrant aroma of Matcha have so used as a flavoring for ice cream flavored green tea, various types of traditional Japan cakes (wagashi), various candies and chocolate.

  • Sencha Tea
Green tea is the usual drink everyday, made from the leaves is left exposed to the Sun.

  • Genmaicha Tea
Bancha tea types with a mixture of grains of rice. This tea has a scent of rice grain that is half burnt.

  • Kabusecha Tea
Sencha tea leaves are kind of protected for some time from exposure to sunlight before it is harvested. The aroma of tea a little more gentle kabusecha compared to sencha tea.

  • Bancha Tea
Coarse tea made from the second harvest times between summer and autumn. Bancha tea for tea leaves are usually larger than sencha leaf tea and its aroma is not so fragrant.

  • Hōjicha Tea
The tea is pan in a frying pan or in the oven.

  • Kukicha Tea
Low-quality tea from tea leaves mixed in tea leaf stalks.

Content in Green Tea

  1. Powerful catechin compounds.
  2. Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins active compounds.
  3. Active compounds catechins.
  4. Alkoloid, Flavanol and amino acids.
  5. Complete mineral consisting of potassium magnesium flour, calcium, manganese, sodium, zinc, and others.
  6. Enzymes are enzymes made up of enzyme invertase enzyme, glucosidase enzyme, amilaase, Oximetilase, protease enzymes.
  7. Consisting of the vitamin vitamins A, B1, B2, C, E, k. 

    Benefits of Green Tea

    Tea is a refreshing drinks as well as many benefits for the body for health or beauty. Besides it tastes good, the benefits of Green tea for the health of the body of which is can be used as a medicinal herb that is capable of treating various diseases. The following are 38 Benefits of Green Tea for Health and Beauty :

    1. Green Tea as an Antioxidant.

    Green tea contains vitamin and compounds that can act as antioxidants that are active in protecting the body from bacterial attack of free radicals.

    2. Green Tea for Slimming Natural.

    Green tea can accelerate the destruction of excess fat in the body and accelerates the decline in body weight quickly. Drink green tea can suppress hunger pangs longer but did not lead to stomach pain or have no side effects for the stomach.

    3. Green Tea can Accelerate the Process of Disposal of Toxins.

    Compounds in green tea may act as a detox can bind toxins in the body and release it through sweat or urine.

    4. Green Tea can Launch a Urine.

    The content contained in green tea can launch a healthy digestion and bladder so that it can launch a pee.

    5. Green Tea can Nourish the Heart Arteries.

    Green tea can enhance the performance of the heart and arterial vessels to protect from attack the bacteria as well as clogging cholesterol. Compounds in green tea can break down fats that form crystals in heart tissue.

    6. Green Tea May Lower Cholesterol.

    Compounds in green tea can destroy the high cholesterol that settles in the body and prevent the body from being stricken with cholesterol again.

    7. Green Tea can Prevent High Blood.

    Blood pressure is often caused by emotional the share not indirectly interfere with blood flow and blood vessels around the head so that blood pressure increases. consume green tea daily can prevent blood pressure increases.

    8. Green Tea can Prevent Attacks of Heart Failure.

    Green tea is good for the arteries of the heart, Green Tea can destroy the blockage that caused the presence of cholesterol or fat.

    9. Green Tea May Improve Brain Tissue.

    Green tea can repair damaged brain tissue and can prevent brain inflammation. All the nutrients that exist in it can help improve not the share of the supply of blood and oxygen in the brain.

    10. Green Tea can Prevent Alzheimer's Disease.

    Existing content in green tea may improve network head including the nerves and blood vessels around the head of the chain. Green tea can sharpen memory and intelligence of a person.

    11. Green Tea can Stabilize Blood Sugar.

    Nutrients in green tea can stabilize glucose levels in the blood and are able to break down the buildup of glucose in the body, so that the blood vessels free of deposits of excess sugar which will disrupt the smooth flow of blood.

    12. Green Tea can Reduce Blackheads.

    Compounds in green tea are capable of drying out, pushing and removing blackheads naturally.  Here's how: green tea, add the Puree with a bit of salt and then apply it on the affected facial blackheads.

    13. Green Tea to Relieve Fatigue on the Face.

    Routine the power and eject work the mind that takes a lot of energy so that the body and the face of the suffering from fatigue which causes lethargy, withered face and dull. Green tea can restore the freshness and relax the nerves of the face so that the face is turned into fresh.

    14. Green Tea to Brighten Dull Skin and Dark.

    Compounds in green tea may act as a powerful antioxidant and is active in enlightening the skin surface dullness and uneven. Green tea can be a natural bleach that does not result in irritation. Here's how: water Washing the face with green tea that has silenced one day, then rinse with clean water after silenced for 20 minutes. Do it this way every day consistently.

    15. Green Teas can Hydrate the Face Skin Naturally.

    Vitamins and minerals in green tea can moisturize the face dry naturally though in conditions under the Sun. Green tea can control excess oil on the face so the face always stable humidity. Here's how: Create Green Tea as a mask.

    16. Green Tea can Prevent the Onset of Wrinkles in the Face.

    Green Tea contains vitamins, minerals and compounds can be full of natural anti aging and can prevent a smooth wrinkles around the eyes and the tip of the lips.

    17. Green Tea as a Sunscreen.

    Green tea may act as a sunscreen can protect the skin from sunburn or due to free radicals. Drink green tea every day and before bed at night.

    18. Green Tea can Tighten the Skin of the Face.

    Green tea is rich in various vitamins that can tighten facial muscles and nerves around the face as well as waging a blood flow around the face so that the skin looks always taut. water green tea can be used as a facial mask which had been mixed with a little egg white.

    19. Green Tea can Fades Black Flecks.

    Vitamins in green tea can eliminate black spots on the face gradually. the spots will be lost if one diligently wore a green tea blend, and then added lemon water and made face masks.

    20. Green Tea can Remove Stubborn Acne.

    Green tea can overcome the stubborn acne in order to disappear quickly. Green tea can accelerate the drying process of acne and its contents easily issued by using the special tool, this is done so that it does not happen the irritation.

    21. Green Tea Protects the Sensitive Skin.

    Sensitive skin types are often exposed to free radicals and ease allergies, skin conditions is easily exposed to irritation and infection. Compounds and vitamins in green tea can protect sensitive skin from rashes and itching due to food allergies, sunlight or dust.

    22. Green Tea to Stabilize the Levels of Excess Oil on the Face.

    Nutrients found in green tea can be control excess oil on oily skin and stabilized so that the condition of the face is not wet and shiny due to the oil. Oily face causing facial hue becomes dirty quickly.

    23. Green Tea can Moisturize the Hair.

    Complete vitamins in green tea can moisturize the scalp from within if diligently consumes his drink. Green Tea can also take care of the scalp from the outside when used as a hair mask.

    24. Green Tea can Nourish Hair.

    Green Tea contains nutrients that can nourish the hair and makes hair into thicker, expands and healthy.

    25. Green Tea can Prevent Itching on the Scalp.

    Green tea can stabilize oil or sebum is present on the surface of the scalp. Green tea can also stabilize the PH of the skin so as to avoid the itchy scalp due to fungi or bacteria that mingled with sweat and dust.

    26. Green Tea can Prevent Hair Loss.

    Green tea can strengthen the hair root so to avoid loss, broken and branching. Nutrition in green tea is needed by the stems and roots of the hair.

    27. Green Tea can Prevent Baldness.

    A serum made from green tea that is added with ginseng can prevent baldness on the head.

    28. Green Tea Improve the Fragility of the Hair Cuticle.

    Vitamins in green tea is very needed by the cuticle of the hair to avoid fragility due to the attack of free radicals or sunburn in the long term.

    29. Green Tea can Make the Hair More Lustrous.

    Green tea can nourish each strand of hair and strengthen its roots hair not so easily broken in the middle and make the hair becomes more lustrous

    30. Green Tea can Prevent Mold Growth on the Scalp.

    The use of shampoos or hair that is often colored or straightened hair will cause stress and stress. This triggers fungal growth on the surface of the scalp. Diligently consuming green tea per day can hopefully solve this problem.

    31. Green Tea Protects Hair From Sun.

    Consume green tea per day may protect hair from being easily dehydrated, dry and reddish.

    32. Green Tea has Anti-Cancer Substances

    Anti-cancer substances in green tea are quick and active in blocking the movement of abnormal cells in the DNA so that the development of cancer cells can be immediately destroyed. These anti-cancer benefits contained in green tea :
    • Protect the body from the growth of pancreatic cancer, large intestine, small intestine, stomach, liver, ovarian, breast, lung and others.
    • Prevent and block malicious activity or movement of abnormal cells in the DNA so that it doesn't develop into cancer.
    • Prevents movement of the benign tumors that can grow into cancer cells and damage the body's tissues.
    • Inhibiting the movement of cancer cells to spread to other body tissues that can disrupt hormone balance.
    • Prevent the spread of cancer cells and destroy the root of cancer cells so that there is no room to grow back.

    33. Green Tea as the Metabolism of the Body.

    Compounds in green tea can increase the quality of the body's metabolism so that all the organs of the body such as digestive, liver, kidney, gall, heart, lung, and colon remained on the best conditions.  Here are some of the benefits of green tea as the metabolism of the body :
    • Accelerate the burning of fat in the body.
    • Increase energy and improve the metabolism of the cell.
    • Can suppress hunger pangs longer without causing stomach acid increased.
    • Can clear the stomach and other digestive.
    • The immune-boosting.
    • Improve the body's defense against infection.
    • Prevents dehydration and a relieving fever.
    • Improve the quality of health and function of the pancreas.
    • Stabilize body temperature in any weather.
    •  Stabilizes the body's hormonal conditions in order to remain stable.

    34. Green Tea can Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.

    Rheumatoid Arthritis is a strange and rare disease that tends to undermine the network of cartilage and joints, this is because the body's immune system attacking itself without being able to avoid. Drink green tea can cure the illness if consumed regularly twice in just the small glass per day.

    35. Green Tea can Treat Poisoning.

    If a person is allergic to a certain food then in her body will reject foreign particles that cause the appearance of symptoms of intoxication such as nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, dizziness, swollen skin, appears a red rash all over the body, and others. Conditions of this kind of poisoning can be treated by drinking green tea, because of compound catechins in green tea is able to destroy toxins and remove it immediately through sweat, urine and defecation

    36. Green Tea can Take Care of Dental Health.

    Perforated teeth, weary, yellow or experiencing inflammation in the gums should make haste to consume green tea every day, because green tea contains anti-bacterial substances are very powerful and capable of destroying the space motion of bacteria cause tooth decay as well as inflammation of the gums.

    37. Green Tea can Eliminate Bad Breath.

    Bad breath is often caused due to smoke, drink alcohol or the presence of inflammation due to canker sores or cavities caused by bacteria. Green tea can be used as a mouthwash and gargle can be taken care of in the body. Gargle with green tea when you're done brushing my teeth and finished eating before bed.

    38. The Benefits of Green Tea for Vegetarians.

    For someone who is vegetarian and likes to drink green tea then the quality of her life will be growing healthy. This is due to his body without consuming a cholesterol.

    39. Green Tea is Beneficial for the Elderly.

    For the elderly who get used to drinking green tea regularly every day it will be spared from the attack of stress and will always be the more relaxed conditions. Green tea has the active compounds that can relax the nerves of the brain and improve one's mood to be more calm.

    How to make Drinks, masks and potions of Green Tea : 

    1. An example of how making a drink green tea.

    Brewed green tea in glasses of medium size. Let the color turns green and the water becomes cold. Drink green tea after lunch and in the evening before bed may accelerate the fat burning process and improve the health of the organs of the body. 

    2. An example of making the face mask of green tea.

    Ingredients :
    - Green tea
    - Lime juice
    - Honey

    Making and usage :

    Green tea paste and add the lime juice and add honey to taste. Use as a facial mask to brighten the skin, shrink the pores, moisturize the skin pores naturally fades and black flecks.

    3. An example of making the hair tonic of green tea.

    Ingredients :
    - Green tea
    - Lime juice

    Making and usage:
    Use water for green tea that has been added with lime juice to apply on the hair and scalp and then massage it briefly so that green tea essence can be permeated with either.

    Compound in green tea have the ability prevent hair damage and accelerates regeneration cell cuticle hair. Troubled hair is highly recommended that hair condition soon could be overcome. herbal potion made from green tea is relatively safe and has no side effects in the future. Compounds in green tea has the ability to take care of hair damage and accelerate regeneration cell cuticle hair.

    4. Making a concoction of green tea for metabolism.

    Ingredients :
    - Green tea
    - cinnamon

    Making and usage :
    - Green tea is brewed as usual by using hot water (boiling).
    - Small-size cinnamon Input into it.
    - Let the water to be warm and ready to drink.
    - Drink a concoction of green tea every afternoon after eating.

    How to consume green tea so that there are no side effects on the health of the body.

    1. Avoid Green tea while it is undergoing treatment or taking medication that has been recommended by a doctor. Green tea can mess up the benefits drug if taken simultaneously and trigger kidney damage due to inflammation that occurs in the walls of the kidney.

    2. Consume green tea more than 3 glasses can inhibit the absorption of nutrients including iron in the body. Then the consume it green tea are reasonable. '

    3. Green tea are forbidden for consumption in pregnant women due to the astringent tannins and caffeine existing therein is able to damage the fetal brain tissue that are growing.

    4. We recommend that ulcer sufferers to better consume green tea fair just so as not to result in increased gastric acid or sudden attacks of pain in the stomach wall.

    5. Women who are menstruating are advised not to consume green tea because it will improve anxiety, stress and emphasis on the network can cause abdominal pain, nausea and abdominal pain.

    6. It is not recommended to consume green tea in a State not yet breakfast or a meal or an empty stomach because it encompasses accelerate increased stomach acid stomach and cause nausea, sore, bloated and prolonged pain.

    7. do not consume green tea that has fresh more than 24 hours and left to free aerial, because the benefits of green tea will no longer usable because it has been contaminated with dirt and bacteria.

    8. Green tea is rich in benefits when other ingredients not mixed.
    The benefits of green tea will not be felt with a maximum when added sugar, honey, milk or products therein. The whole compound is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer and anti-microbial properties will decrease its quality because it has been contaminated with other substances.  Taking medication drugs the doctor's recommendation will be useless if consumed along with green tea.

    Green tea will turn into toxins that can cause other health problems when the accumulated with the existing chemical substances in medicinal drugs eg kidney damage occurs, gastric acid rises and other benefits and other drugs from a doctor will not be pleased again.

    Side Effects Of Drinking Green Tea In Excess.

    1. Impaired absorption of iron in the body.

    2. Green Tea contains flavonoids, which functions as a antioxidants. Flavonoids may protect the body from free radicals that cause cancer but on the other hand these flavonoids can also bind the iron so iron cannot be absorbed by the body.

    3. Green Tea contain caffeine excess which causes us trouble sleeping or insomnia, heart palpitations, anxiety, stomach aches and restless. Although the caffeine content in Green Tea each product number vary, but you should still be careful not to consume Green Tea addiction.

    4. Consume too much green tea can lead to increased anxiety and trigger the emergence of stress overload.

    5. Consume green tea in excess can make the digestive system becomes compromised and trigger the emergence of constipation.

    So far this is indeed safe Green Tea consumed, but you should avoid excessive consumption because the effect isn't very good. One of the most severe effects are medical complications that could happen to someone who is suffering from a specific disease. Consume Green Tea is excessive for those who have the disease or diarrhea, anxiety, disorders of the digestive tract can become increasingly severe disease.

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