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10 Benefits of Celery Leaves for Health and Daily Life

What is celery leaves it? What are the benefits of celery?

Apium graveolens or celery leaves is  vegetable  in the plant family apiaceae type. Celery leaves have been used in herbal medicine to treat :
- Joint pain.
- Rheumatism.
- Uric acid.
- Lower the body's cholesterol levels so it is good for heart health.
- Reduce pain during the process of inflammation.
- Protect the lining of the stomach and suppress the production of stomach acid.
- Mosquito repellent and killer larva.

10 Benefits of Celery Leaves for Health and Daily Life

How does it work?

There is not enough research on how the workings of this herbal supplement. Discuss with Your doctor or herbal expert for more information.

However, there is some research to suggest that chemical compounds contained in the celery leaves serve as antihipertensi and antikolesterol. In addition, one of the chemical components of celery, alkaloid, has proven to be an effective anti seizure meds.

Several countries including Japan, China, and Korea used the part of stalk celery leaves as food ingredients. In Europe, all part of the celery in benefiting from the leaves, stalks, leaves, fruit, and won't be matter.

In addition it has long been known as the plant that has benefits for treatment.  Scientific research also supports the knowledge. These 10 benefits of Celery for the health and everyday life :

1. Leaves of Celery can Maintain Kidney Health.

How to make Herb Washing:
- one bunch celery leaves to clean and then into small pieces and boil in water for 10 minutes.
- After that silenced until cold then strain and put into a clean bottle.
- Store in fridge.

How To Use :
This herb is recommended to drink 1 glass each day. You will feel the benefits of the herb celery leaves, because it can remove impurities and toxins that accumulate through urine.

2. Leaves of Celery can Treat Rheumatism.

His way is by setting up 30-40 sheet of celery leaves, and then flush with hot water. Eating as vegetables in two times a day.

3. Celery Leaves Nourish and Help Hair Growth.

How to make celery leaves for healthy hair is to wash the 7-10 stalk celery leaves until clean, then mash until smooth.

How to use:
- After shampooing, rub the collision of celery leaves to the scalp and hair evenly while massaged lightly.
- Once done, wrap hair in a towel for about 1 hour.
- Rinse the hair with clean water. Use once a week.

4. Leaves of Celery can Lower Cholesterol.

How to make Herb is to wash 30 g celery root until clean, then boiled in 2 glasses of water clean up remaining 1 cups.

Once cool, strain. The water is drunk all at once.

5. Celery Leaves cope with Allergies.

Materials and how to create and how its use:
- 2 stalks celery
- 3 medium-size carrots fruit
- 1 medium-size beets fruit
- Wash clean all the ingredients and create as drink juices.
- The juice drink at once during each empty stomach (before meals). Do this twice a day.

6. Leaf Celery Reduces Colic and Gastric Disorders.

Materials, how to make and Use Potions:
- 60 grams of fresh celery,
- 1 segment finger ginger Red
- 1 piece Palm sugar.
- Boil all ingredients in 2 cups of water to 1 cup remaining.
- Strain the water decoction after cold
- Drink a concoction of 1 times at once.

7. Leaves of Celery can Relieve a Cough.

How to make Herb was with 30 grams of fresh celery wash, then cut into pieces. Boil in 3 cups water to 1 cup remaining.

Once cool, strain it if like, add honey and use this herb drink twice, morning and afternoon.

8. Leaves of Celery can Treat Bronchitis.

Materials, how to make and use it:
- 60 grams of fresh celery leaves-10 g dried mandarin orange peel
- 25 g Palm sugar.
- Wash clean all the ingredients and then cut into pieces
- Enter into a pot
- Add 3 cups of clean water and boil until the remaining half.
Once cool, strain-and the water is divided to two times the drink namely morning and afternoon.

9. Celery Leaves can Lower Blood Pressure.

The trick is:
- Wash 100 grams celery completely until clean, then mash until smooth.
- Add 1 cup warm water, and then filtered.
- After the winter, twice for drink, drink in the morning and the afternoon.

10. Celery Leaves Cope with Dry Eye.

The trick is to eat the leaves of celery as lalab fresh. Do this every day.

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