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14 Benefits of Date Palm for Health and Daily Life

The date palm is a plant of palma  in the genus Phoenix. The name of the fruit is taken from the name of the tree and can be eaten. The fruit of the date Palm has become a staple in the Middle East for thousands of years.
In Arabic it is called تمر, Tamr, and the Latin name called Phoenix Dactylifera. Although the place of origin is unknown as it has long been cultivated, it is likely this plant comes from the land around the Persian Gulf.

The size of the tree are with a height of about 15-25 m, growing singly or form clumps in some stems from a single root system. The leaves have a length of 3-5 m, with spines at the leaf stalk, pinnate and has about 150 young leaf shoots; youth sized leaves with a length of 30 cm and a width of 2 cm. full Spans the corolla ranges from 6-10 m.

Date palms are believed to originate from around the Persian Gulf and has been cultivated since ancient times from Mesopotamia to prehistoric Egypt, possibly at the beginning of the 4000 BC the ancient Egypt using the nation's fruit been to be made into wine dates and eat it at the moment harvests. There is archaeological evidence of the cultivation of date palms in the Arab East part in 6000 b.c. (Alvarez-Mon 2006).

In the days that followed, the Arabs spread dates around expand South and South-west Asia, parts of North Africa, Spain and Italy. The date palms was introduced in Mexico and California, around Mission San Ignacio, by Spain in 1765.

Nutritional value per 100 g (3.5 oz) dried dates (edible portion):
  • Energy = 1.180 KJ (280 kcal)
  • 75 g Carbohydrates
  • 63 g Sugar
  • food Fiber = 8 g
  • Fat 0.4 g
  • 2.5 g Protein
  • 21 g Water
  • 0.4 mg Vitamin C (1%)
  • Manganese 0262 mg

Health Benefits Of Date Palm.

Without we realize this dates fruit into a fruit that are handy for health and everyday life. Even many people who does not like and can consume these fruit. Natural Benefits For Health on this occasion will give you a little about the benefits of the fruit of the date palms and the benefits we can take or get from consuming the fruit of the date palms orderly manner every day. Read and refer to good reviews or articles below. The following 14 Benefits of Dates for Health and Daily Life For You :

1. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial to cope with toxins in the body - Health Benefits of Dates.

Consume at least two dates per day will help the body in getting rid of some toxins in the form of heavy metals, such as lead that accumulate within cells. such Poison has increased at this time due to the pollution of water and air as well as the food we eat everyday. A great Benefit for us when consuming fruit dates.

2. The fruit of the date palms is beneficial for treating digestive disorders - Health Benefits of Date palm.

The fruit of the date palm can handle digestive disorders and helps the gut to carry out its functions effectively. In addition, the date palm also helped form the colony of friendly bacteria in the gut. Therefore, then the dates are very helpful in treating constipation and fiber-fiber Palm could shrink the intestinal muscles at once stimulate it to work. To get better results in treating constipation with palm dates by soaking the seed dates at night and drinking waters soaked in the morning.

3. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial to treat Sexual Disorders - Health Benefits of Dates.

Palms Fruit juice can be used to treat heart and weak orgasm. If the dates mixed with milk and honey, it will be a tonic drink efficacious for treating sexual interference, both men and women.

4. Fruit is Nutritious and useful Dates to add to Energy - Health Benefits of Date palm.

Date Palm Fruit Juice that are mixed with water can strengthen the body's power and adds energy. This drink can be provided to elderly parents, to improve stamina and eliminating toxins that have been piling up in the cell.

5. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial to cope with Psychological Disorders - Health Benefits of Dates.

Dates containing various kinds of metals, minerals, and vitamins will affect brain function and overcome the lack of nutrients to the body. All this can make someone whose psychiatric when consuming a number of Palm fruits every day on a regular basis.

6. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial for treating obesity or Overweight - Health Benefits and Beauty of Date palm.

Various nutrients there are in the fruit dates so that they are also able to eliminate hunger. We needed to know is the main cause of Obesity is the constant hunger and appetite to consume a lot of excess fat and sugar. By eating some fruit date plam when hungry will make us full. Fruit dates provided the necessary sugar by the body and regulate bowel movements, to reduce the hunger significantly.

7. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial to treat Inflammations of the liver - Health Benefits of Dates.

Dates can treat inflammation of the liver and removing toxins. If we fasted regularly and breaking with the dates then it are the best natural remedy in maintaining and cleaning the liver from toxins that accumulate.

8. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial for treating Respiratory Disorders - Health Benefits of Dates.

Drink the Juice of dates can treat a sore throat, fever, colds and flu. The researcher also confirmed that consume the fruit of the date palms with a routine and regular basis can treat chronic respiratory disorders.

9. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial for treating tooths decay - Health Benefits and Beauty of Date palm.

Dates contain vitamins A, B1, B2 and Fluorine. Flour handy to keep your teeth from damage. In addition, the dates also contains a number of minerals, such as calcium, boron, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium, phosphorus and nutrium.

10. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial for treating cancer - Health Benefits of Dates.

By consuming seven or more fruit grain dates every day on a regular basis then, it will be therapeutic for the fight against cancer because dates contain selenium.

11. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial for easy Birthing - Health Benefits of Dates.

The uterine muscle during the labor in desperate need of food in the form of natural sugars. Considering the dates palm was common lubrication that can facilitates much-needed delivery date than the women get pregnant before giving birth to consume the dates palm so that the bowel be clean.

12. The fruit of the date palms is beneficial for stabilizing psychological conditions in children.

Palm fruit contains natural sugars that are easily absorbed and digested, so comfortable and safe for the stomach and intestines of children. Dates Palm Fruit dough mixed with honey is also good for the gums of children while his teeth appear useful to accelerate the growth of the teeth.

13. Fruit of the date palms is beneficial to treat Diarrhea and dysentery in children - Health Benefits for Children of Date palm.

The fruit of the date palms which are mashed and mixed with honey, it can be used to treat diarrhea and dysentery in children in a way given three times a day.

14. The fruit of the date palms is a nutritious and beneficial Food for newborn - Health Benefits for Children of Date palm.

Science has confirmed the importance of giving something containing water and the sugar to a newborn, as the supply of nutrients and to improve body's immunity against the disease. The date palms is a type of sugar that is most easily absorbed and digested by the Palm fruit are therefore very suitable for newborn baby food by the way of dates fruits are soaked with water.

Side Effects of Consuming Date Palm is Excessive - Side Effects of Date Palm

Note in addition to the benefits of dates already set out above, consuming dates is excessive or too much also have side effects to health such as diabetes. Because, dates contain a fairly high sugar levels.

Side effects of consuming date palm them is too much can lead to weight gain, so it is not suitable for consumption which are in the process of weight loss. Because dates have a high calorie content, i.e. approximately 111 calories in each fruit of the date Palm-size small. Therefore, if the dates are consuming too much, it can also cause obesity.

Thus about 14 Health Benefits and Side Effects of Date Palm. Hopefully helpful and useful so that our lives stay healthy by consuming the fruit of the date palm with regular daily. Don't forget to Like and Share as well as his comments below. Thank you for visiting.

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